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LIVE- Safeguarding Policy (for parents)

What is Safeguarding?

 • We think that your health, safety and welfare are very important as a family.

• At our school, we respect all children and adults.

• We want to work together with you between school staff and parents to protect your child and your family.

 How does Co-op Academy Glebe keep your child/children safe?

 • We provide a safe environment for your child/children to learn.

• Staff at our school know how to keep you and your children safe, at home as well as at school.

 • It is important for your child/children know where to get help if they are worried or unhappy about something.

• We teach your child/children how to keep them, and others, safe. Our PHSE lessons include, healthy eating, e-safety, road safety, positive relationships, talking to trusted adults and many other topics on how to stay safe.

• Mrs. Fullwood is our Safeguarding Lead, Mrs. Suleman and Mrs. Oakes-Smith are our Deputy Safeguarding Leads and their main role is to keep your child/children safe.

 • You can speak to any adult in school, we are all responsible in safeguarding your child and we will always give time to listen to you. Please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance.

• Mrs Green is our Looked After Child Lead and Mental Health Lead. Alongside Mrs Fullwood, our Family Support Co-ordinator, they are both available to support you and your family so please ring the office to book an appointment if you need support within these areas.

 • Your child/children can place a note in the Worry Box in our Safe Space in the Sunflower Room if they wish to confidentially share anything that is worrying them.

• If you have social care meetings, a member of the safeguarding team will attend these meetings where possible, to provide information from a school perspective.

Mrs. Kerry Fullwood

Mrs. Kirsty Suleman

Mrs. Fullwood

Safeguarding Lead

Mrs. Suleman

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Holly Green

Mr. Tristan Warrilow

Mrs. Green

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mr. Warrilow

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

What happens when you have spoken to someone?  

  • When you have spoken to the class teacher they may need to speak to one of the safeguarding team. An adult will get back to you with the best support and advice or may ask you to make an appointment so more time can be given to you to discuss the situation.
  • Sometimes the adult in school may need to contact other people who support children and families.
  • Sometimes social care or the police ring the school for information and we are obliged to provide this to safeguard your child. There are times when we may be told we cannot share any further information with you until a later time so please do understand we will keep you updated only where possible.

You can also contact:

 • Child Line are also there to listen to your child/children’s worries too. Childline logo hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

You can call them on: 0800 1111

 • If you need support internet/online safety you can report this to CEOP   St Chad's Catholic Primary School - Online Safety

• The NSPCC can be contacted online or by the phone:          

Phone: 0808 800 5000

 email to report your child/Children’s concern.

If you feel a child is at risk or harm or you wish to speak to a social worker about the safeguarding of your own or another child then please ring Children’s Advice and Duty Team (CHAD) on 01782 235100 and a social worker will be able to offer you advice, this can be done anonymously.

If a child is at immediate risk of harm then the police should always be rung on 999. You or your child can also report a concern via the REPORT A CONCERN button on the website (top right of page) or you can read more safeguarding information on the best way forward.