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LIVE- Safeguarding Policy (for pupils)

COOP Academies

What is Safeguarding?

All the adults around you think that your health, safety and welfare are very important.  

At our school, we respect all children and adults.

How does Co-op Academy Glebe keep you safe?

  • We provide a safe environment for you to learn.
  • Staff at our school know how to keep you and your friends safe, at home as well as school.
  • It is important for you to know where to get help if you are worried or unhappy about something.
  • We teach you how to keep you, and others, safe. Our PSHE lessons include, healthy eating, online safety, road safety and many other topics on how to stay safe.
  • Mrs. Fullwood is our Safeguarding Lead, Mrs. Suleman, Mrs. Green and Mr. Warrilow are our Deputy Safeguarding leads and their main role is to keep you safe.
  • We can speak to any adult in school, they will always give their time and listen to you.
  • We can place a note in the Worry Box in our Safe Space in your classroom and ask that someone gets back to you about your worry.
  • We can click on the ‘Report a Concern Button’ on the school website.

Mrs. Kerry Fullwood

Mrs. Kirsty Suleman

Mrs. Fullwood

Safeguarding Lead

Mrs. Suleman

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Holly Green

Mr. Tristan Warrilow

Mrs. Green

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mr. Warrilow

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

What happens when you have spoken to someone?


  • Sometimes adults may need to speak to one of the Safeguarding Team.
  • One of the Safeguarding Team will get back to you in school.
  • Sometimes they may need to contact other people who support children and families.

You can also contact:

Child Line

Child Line are also there to listen to your worries too. You can call them on: 0800 1111

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If you need support online you can report this to CEOP by clicking on the CEOP button on the website

St Chad's Catholic Primary School - Online Safety


The NSPCC can be contacted online or by the phone:    


Phone: 0808 800 5000

email to report your concern.