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Our Curriculum - Overview and Intent

Promoting intellectual, personal, social and physical development.

Our curriculum, ensure that all children, no matter their background or ability, receive an excellent education.

Basic Skills

We are committed to raising standards of Basic Skills at Co-op Academy Glebe. By Basic Skills, we mean the ability to read, write and speak in English, and to use mathematics and ICT at a level necessary to function and progress at work, and in society in general.
Our vision statements for Reading, Writing and Maths:


We will endeavour to provide outstanding reading experiences with exciting and inspiring learning opportunities that promote the importance of this lifelong skill. All children will experience a wide variety of contexts and settings with a range of stimulating resources to ensure the most effective progression takes place according to their age and ability.


We believe that children learn best when they are provided with a range of opportunities and skills for writing across the curriculum. Teachers will provide a stimulating environment that promotes all aspects of literacy learning. Children have access to a range of writing equipment and resources to support and further develop their writing.


We believe that Maths should be creative and engaging. It should be presented in a context that is meaningful and stimulating for all children at their own level. Children should be confidently able to apply their skills and knowledge to imaginatively solve problems.

Creating Successful Learners

We believe that we have a responsibility to develop 21st century, lifelong learners. We believe that successful learners are resilient, reflective, collaborative, curious, and independent. Each of these competencies is made up of 4 key skills.

• Perseverance
• Seeking challenges
• Risk Taking
• Positivity
• Adaptability
• Self and Peer assessment
• Pride
• Making decisions
• Empathy
• Listening
• Peer Mentoring
• Talk for Learning
• Making links
• Asking questions
• Imagining
• Absorption
• Ownership
• Managing Distractions
• Selecting Resources
• Problem Solving

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed to vitally achieve:

  • Developing children’s curiosity and encouraging a hunger for new learning, throughout their lives.
  • Developing independence.
  • Building a solid foundation, not only for a child’s school career, but also for life in the future as responsible, active citizens.
  • Creating a collection of memorable learning experiences and broadening horizons, both within the classroom and in the wider environment.
  • Engage children in an exciting curriculum that considers local, global and community links
  • Offering an exciting first opportunity to explore different curriculum subjects.
  • Gaining knowledge and skills which can be applied in a variety of contexts
  • Deepen children’s understanding of other cultures, communities and faiths and promoting Fundamental British Values
  • Broadening the curriculum offer beyond the school day through out of hours learning and enrichment opportunities

See below for our full Curriculum Intent