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Pupil Voice

The ability to understand and communicate are important to success in all areas of life.

Pupil Voice supports our students in understanding and respecting different viewpoints to their own.

Supporting pupils’ independence and understanding of basic rights encourages them to value themselves as individuals and citizens in their communities.

We empower our pupils to be successful individuals by giving them opportunities to make choices about the things that they believe to be important. By valuing each ‘voice’ and by listening and responding to that voice we demonstrate that we support democracy and liberty.

We involve pupils in setting codes of behaviour; helping pupils to make decisions and choices that are acceptable to the school community and society at large.

Pupils are supported to become as independent as possible. We endeavour to demonstrate that everyone has rights; this includes the right to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to ideas or to choose activities.

We have an active School Council with a well-established policy for agenda setting. An annual election of the Pupil Representatives is prioritised in the school’s calendar that the whole school community gets actively involved in and looks forward to.


Junior Leadership

We have a Junior Leadership group that consists of children from all across the school. Children were asked to apply for a role that they wished to be a member of. This application process then allowed the children the opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for the chosen role. We offer a wide range of leadership roles, which include: Reading Ambassadors, STEM Ambassadors, Communication Ambassadors, Eco Ambassadors, Curriculum Champions and Sports Leaders. We also provide Year 6 with the opportunity to earn a position as a school Prefect

Some of the tasks that children are responsible for include: checking that computers are all plugged in and charged at the end of each day; Reading Champions support children across the school when reading and Sports Leaders ensure that sporting equipment is set out and ready to use.

For the roles linked to Pupil Voice, children had to apply and then present to their class, detailing their suitability for that job. Votes were then cast in class to elect their representative. This extended to all children having the opportunity to vote for the school representatives. After the votes were counted, children were elected to the positions of: chair person, vice-chair and senior committee members. These children were voted in from Year 5 & 6.